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To The Top Tree Service - Brush and lot clearing services, team cleans up after tree removal - Springfield, IL

The very next step after buying a beautiful, wooded chunk of land to begin the construction of your dream home is clearing it. When you are ready to take that step, rely on our trusted professionals at To The Top Tree Service for your brush and land clearing for those in the Springfield, Illinois area. We will effectively remove any excess tress and clear the brush for you, getting you one step closer to building that dream home.

To The Top Tree Service provides brush and lot clearing to residential and commercial customers in the Springfield, Illinois area and throughout Central Illinois.

Efficient and Safe Land Clearing Service

To The Top Tree Service will bring heavy machinery to the situation, working with the proper equipment, tools, and team to get the job done right. Our team is filled with tree care professionals that have experience and an in-depth understanding of the best practices to take. With the excess trees and brush throughout your land, it is a team of dedicated and trained professionals to rely on for your land clearing to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

In addition to removing obstacles from the land area that your new home or building will occupy, we also keep any vegetation preserved to give you that beautiful, natural aesthetic.

To The Top Tree Service - Brush and Lot Clearing, professionals us a crane to haul away pieces of felled trees - Springfield, IL
Cleared lot with healthy grass, land now ready for construction - Springfield, IL

Increase Property Value and Make Use of That Land

One of the benefits of land clearing is that it can lead to an increase in your property value now that it is ready for construction. Maybe you want to turn that lot into a beautiful vacation home or transition a wooded area into an open space for a garden. Additionally, you can open up space for children or grandchildren to play or in. Perhaps you want a gazebo or the widely popular mother-in-law house. Other benefits for residential and commercial land clearing include:

  • Cleaning up a new property
  • Thinning out trees and brush on existing lots
  • Clear out lots that are overgrown, unused or in the process of foreclosure

We also provide selective lot clearing which means there are certain areas that you want to remain there. Our team gladly works with you to deliver exactly what you want.

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service and Free Estimates!

No matter what the weather brings, we offer a variety of tree services for your convenience. View them now.

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